Pleated blinds

When fabric that has pleats is turned into blinds then they are called pleated blinds or cellular shades. This type of blind sits flat at the top of a window when pulled fully open.

Pleated blinds can also be built as a honeycomb construction with two or more layers joined in the pleats forming ‘cellular’ compartments that holds air providing insulation. These blinds are because of this also called cellular blinds or cellular shades.

Thanks to the cellular construction these blinds are known to be energy-efficient and sound-absorbent. They come in a variety of cell sizes, including 3⁄8 in (10 mm) single cell, 3⁄4 in (20 mm) single cell, 3⁄8 in (10 mm) double cell and even triple cell. For greater energy efficiency select more cells.

Sometimes small insects gets trapped and dies in the hollow chambers and can be difficult to get out.

With MOVE you can easily motorize your pleated blinds at home. Pleated blinds are generally operated with a rope that can be connected to MOVE.

The product is easily installed by yourself and you can control your pleated blinds in the MOVE Teptron app from your smartphone. With MOVE you can control the blinds from your phone or tablet for increased comfort, protection of furniture against sunlight and enhanced indoor climate. You can select manually to operate your blinds or use the automation functionalities in the MOVE app.