MOVE is a motor for your existing blinds and shades

We have been making and selling motors for blinds and shades for the last 5 years. There are thousands of users that enjoy the comfort of motorised blinds and shades from the motors we have built.

MOVE 2 motor for blinds and shades


Add MOVE to get a Bluetooth controlled blinds engine

No need to replace the window covers you already have in order to enjoy the comfort of motorized window covers. Just install a MOVE device !



MOVE brings smartness to blinds and shades

By installing a MOVE devices your blinds and shades will become motorized and you can control them at the devices, through a smartphone or automate them.

For all rooms

A home should be convenient to live in


On the go

When having an active lifestyle smart blinds and shades help

The last thing you should have to pay attention to when a lot is going on in your life is your blinds and shades. By automation them the indoor climate is improved and you don't have to come home to a baking oven.

Roller shades

MOVE works with roller shades


By motorizing and automating your window covers you will be able to protect your furniture from sunlight bleaching without you needing to rember to adjust them every day. If you also automate them you can decide yourself if you want all to be open and letting in sunlight when you come home.

Vertical blinds

MOVE works with vertical blinds


Waking up to natural sunlight is the best way to start a day. By motorising your blinds and shades you can start every day with natural sunlight*.

*Disclaimer, if it's not raining, cloudy, solar eclipse or similar that is =)


Take control of your blinds and shades

From individual control to automations. MOVE offers total control of your blinds and shades to complete your smart home. 

Please look around in our website and don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to get to know us.