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roller shades


MOVE gives motorised roller shades

Roller shades are generally operated with a bead chain or a cord loop. MOVE can easily be installed by yourself no matter if it have bead chain or cord loop. You can control your roller blinds in the MOVE app from your smartphone or at the MOVE device.


It is easy to make your roller shades smart

MOVE is simple to install, everything you need to make your existing roller blinds smart is included in the MOVE package.

Keep bedrooms dark with roller blinds

In bedrooms and other places where it’s important to get it dark roller blinds are often used. They come in different colors and might have a coating on the outside to keep light away.

Thicker roller blinds might also reduce sound from the outside. This might help you to sleep when the room is dark and quiet.

In theaters or home movies roller blinds might be used to black out a room. In these situations, its important that the blinds are wide to will stop also stray light from the sides. Often channels or special borders are used to make sure that no light will leak though.

For kids there are roller blinds with pictures of animals, comic characters or other child friendly motifs.

Most roller blinds can be motorized with MOVE. The MOVE installation is easy for you to do yourself and automations based on time or sun conditions can be set. This means that your blinds can come down in the evening and go up in the morning. During the day MOVE can see if the sunshine is strong and close if during these sunshade periods.

Get automate blinds and shades with MOVE

Save energy with blinds and shades

In many countries energy saving is important in buildings. Some countries even have taxes for energy usage trying to get buildings to be more efficient. Much of the energy loss in a residential building comes from the windows. In renovations and new constructions codes might demand a better conservation of energy through better isolation, windows and doors, heating, ventilation and other means. Blinds and shades could play a part in this since they reduce heat and cold transfer between rooms and the outside.

Shades can reduce the sun heating up to 80 %. This saves energy and money in warmer weather. As an example 3 hours of air-conditioning in a room takes around 10 kWh which could be halved or better with the right shades.

A lot of heat is also lost through windows in the wintertime. Curtains might stop 5-20 % of these heat losses. As an example around 100 W might leak out an ordinary double sided glass window which could be reduced to 75 W with curtains.

Most of the curtains you use can be motorized with MOVE to optimize comfort and energy usage. The MOVE installation is easy for you to do yourself and automations based on time or sun conditions can be set. This means that your blinds will be adjusted automatically according to your settings to keep the room temperature and light to your liking.

About roller shades

A roller blinds can be cheap or very expensive, quality is not always depending upon price. Take your time to evaluate what you really need before purchasing a roller blind. There are roller shades in many different colours, patterns and weaves that also comes with different functions.