MOVE motorized roman shades

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roman shades


MOVE gives motorised roman shades

If the roman shades have bead chain or cord loop it can be motorized and automated with MOVE. If roman blinds get motorized they will provide increased comfort, furniture will get protection against sunlight and the indoor climate will improve.

About roman blinds

Roman blinds are made from a large piece of fabric that may have any color or pattern. Just as an ordinary drape or curtain the roman blinds are often used to enhance indoor design by bringing color into a room besides just blocking sunshine. Into the fabric horizontal rods are sewn in that divides the blind into smaller sections.

When a roman blind is fully open it looks smooth exactly like and ordinary curtain. The difference is that while an ordinary curtain may only be gathered left or right to change volume, roman blinds can be set to different heights by pulling a cord or bead chain. The roman blind will then stack itself together evenly and remain smooth as it is pulled together.