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cellular shades


MOVE may work with cellular shades or pleated blinds

Cellular shades and pleated blinds not only protect from sun but they are also a great isolator. They add a extra layer of isolation in front of the window when used. Protecting from both heating and cooling. If they have bead chain or cord loop MOVE can motorize them.


MOVE might fit

MOVE works at cellular shades and pleated blinds that have bead chain or cord loop. Cellular shades often have bead chain or cord loop. Pleated blinds however often only have plain cord and those will not work with MOVE.

Shield heat away with pleated blinds

The construction of pleated blinds allows for isolating cells to be sewn into the blind which protects against temperature differences. The pleats act as buffers and will reduce the cold or heat transfer from outside into the room. This is valuable from energy and cost perspective since less cooling or heating will be needed. Especially cooling takes a lot of energy (more than 3 times the energy of heating a room the same temperature difference). Keeping the room temperature steady with pleated blinds saves money and the environment.

Pleated blinds can be installed in almost all windows and doors where you really need them. Made to measure pleated blinds can even be installed on windows that are tilted in roofs or rooms with sloping rooflines. For sun protection an ordinary pleated blind will do a good job. Wind drought or heat is better stopped with a cellular shade.

Regardless of the placement of the blind you could motorize it with MOVE. The MOVE installation is easy for you to do yourself and automations based on time or sun conditions can be set. This means that your blinds will be adjusted automatically according to your settings to keep the room temperature and light to your liking.

Keep room temperatures with pleated blinds

Walls and windows do the main isolation of keeping heat or cold outside of your home but blinds can also fill a role in this. If you place pleated blinds over your windows you will get extra isolation. Pleated blinds will work better for this than other blinds or shades since more air is kept in the pleats.

You will get even better energy management if you use pleated blinds with air channels. Often called cellular shades these are available as one cell, double cell or triple cell where more cells mean more isolation.

Cellular shades and pleated blinds both folds like an accordion when you raise them. They come in many different sizes and designs to suit your needs and taste.

Usage of pleated blinds in older houses

Many older buildings are less isolated or have gaps where wind can come through. This is especially noticeable in the winter when the temperature difference between a cold outside and a warm inside gets bigger. Then you might be able to feel cold air flowing on the floor. This is called downdraughts and can of course be fixed by better windows, isolation or more heating. Radiators are often placed under windows to remedy the draughts.

However thick curtains together with cellular shades or pleated blinds will also improve the situation to a low cost. Consider using these during the cold periods in an older house or building and you will feel warmer without higher cost or higher energy usage.